Friday, February 1, 2013

C&D Car "Conversion"

What follows is documentation to show the conversion of a Deluxe Innovations Woodchip car into a construction and debris car. I use the word conversion loosely! Eventually want to body mount couplers here, so I've cut one coupler off the truck on the right.

Started with a new car. I've previously done some work on the trucks.

The paint marker is an Elmer's product, purchased at Wal-Mart. Comes in a box of different colors.

Here I've painted out the NP and car number, and started on the "N" in Northern.

A completed, painted side.

Next, I've used the corner piece of paper towel to remove a bit of still wet paint. I blotted it here, but you could just as easily "pull" it down.

Optionally, while the paint is still wet, you could apply (blow on) some power to the lettering to give it that rusted out appearance.

The next steps will be to change the car's reporting marks / numbering.

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