Monday, March 11, 2013

Montvale Train Show - Northern NJ NTRAK

Sunday, March 10th Northern NJ NTRAK set up our travel layout at the Montvale Train Show.
Since we're in a long straight hallway, we set up our 42' linear configuration with two end loops.
Overall, the length was 46 feet as Bill W. brought an additional 4 foot module.

Staging after our load-in.

Ted and Bill discuss the finer points of model railroading...
...While Dirk waits for them to align and level the module, so he can clamp!

Total time to set up this configuration, from unloading the trailer to a running layout is about 2 hours.

Here are some photos of the modules, from far right end to the left end:
Right portion of the layout - return loop

Left end return loop

And finally, a view of my F40-PH and a couple Comet II trailers I've been working on. They are not totally complete yet, but nobody complained!

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