Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Amherst Railway Society Railroad Hobby Show

Had a fantastic time at this years' railroad hobby show in West Springfield, MA.

I was an exhibiter, being part of the Winterfest N-TRAK convention organized by Northeast N-TRAK. Basically, this is a mini-convention within the greater show.
Setup on Friday took about 5 hours from load-in to running a train. Many new modules made their debut, and there was some outstanding modeling.

Friday night had a few interesting clinics at the hotel. The one that got my attention was applying graffiti pictures to cars using regular paper and white glue.

Words cannot adequately describe the overall hobby show. There are four buildings totaling almost 800,000 square feet of model railroad heaven. Vendors, societies, and layouts of all scales coming together. Attendance for both days totaled over 21,000 people. That doesn't include vendors and exhibitors! If you can't find it here, then it probably doesn't exist.

Met some new friends this year, and hope to meet up with them soon.

Both nautre and bored teens have taken over at this abandoned roundhouse and turntable

Chris Oliva's highway overpass and catenary

Valley ntrak module with an actual subway mounted underneath.

Toshiyuki Abe's outstanding marina module, with lots of animation, wins Best in Show and animation award.
and finally, a video of my New Jersey Transit F40PH in pushing a few Comet II cars.

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